Executive Team

LUCI KIM, Partner | Producer

A producer of feature films, TV shows and commercials, most of which have international co-production elements. She has worked in facilitating the crossover of foreign talent, directors and other filmmakers to the US and specializes in the acquisition and dispersal of Asian contents for the Hollywood market. She began her career by being one of the first to offer production services in the United States for Asian TV, commercials, and film productions and has been a part of the first team to successfully bridge content, filmmakers, and financiers between Asia and the US.

Favorite Film: Interstellar 

HAIYING CHI, Executive Producer

Haiying Chi owns and operate Ocean Eagle Films in Vancouver, but first got into media as a journalist in China at CCTV International, Beijing. She studied film production at Vancouver Film School where she produced several award winning feature films. She got her footing into film financing and is now working to facilitate deals between Hollywood and Asia, bringing foreign funding back to the US. 

Favorite Film: Gladiator

EVELYN KONO, Development Executive

As a Development Executive, Evelyn has been part of the LUKA team for more than a decade. With her extensive knowledge in Japanese contents, Evelyn has mediated deals to secure, license, and develop Japanese properties for the international market. Evelyn has also been integral in the development of Last Knights, and worked closely with the writers, directors, and producers to secure investments and bring in talent from Japan.

Favorite Film: Schindler’s List

JAMESON ENGLISH, Creative Executive

Jameson grew up outside of Detroit and studied acting at Michigan State University where he was accepted into the first inaugural BFA program. He then went on to study film and digital media at the University of California, Santa Barbara where he also became a sommelier. Jameson is proud to be part of a team that actively seeks out contents with rich, diverse characters with an aim to tell cross-cultural stories that larger studios are only now understanding the financial and creative power of. 

Favorite Film: Jurassic Park